Prince Stephen Paul  Dunphy of Rantzow
and Princess DR Silvia Beatrice Rodriguez of Casabene


Until Shiloh Comes ? In that day He shall establish an Ensign for the Nations The hatred of the daughter of Zedekiah seems never to stop in Ireland. In the hill of Tara outside of Dublin there her sons were removed far to the south. They were replaced by the famous phallic image. Even today the Dunphy are called by that name. That is after the English came and the Dunphy branch from Killkenny sided with the English. But the children of General Hermon grandson of the Pharaoh married to Tifah became the Munster’s and then the Dunichads. They spread all over England, Scotland and even Wales and the Isle of Manx. I suppose Jeffery O don ague of the Glen does not want to talk about it because the greater population knows the truth as a bus load came to lazareths tomb when we lived there and declared the Dunphys the true Tribal leaders. Yet between our family and theirs we could put an end to this 500 year war. You do not think Halloween and the potato famine was for nothing. So that is only point one Line of King David of the Prince of Moriah. Point 2 Line of Charlemagne The Dr, William Stephen Jacob 1801 who Married Elizabeth Maria Rawtzow who is direct to Charlemagne. These papers include many Sicilian kings who ruled over Jerusalem. There are many problems we have because of the intermarriage of these cousins. (Asthma, migraines, one kidney and thin blue blood etc.) Pont 3 Line of Bourbon My wife’s Sylvia Beatrice Rodriguez Casabene grandmother was a rega Calabria from South Italy she married Jacamo Casabene and he kept his royal papers that his father Julio Casabene disgraced with women and other things. She then burned the Royal papers. They are direct kin to Emmanuelle who lives in Switzerland as King of Italy. In addition she is part Viceconte and the Roman Rodriguez III clan is from the Princes of Austria. In Argentina the five Indian leaders came to her birthday for her great grandmother was a Tobas Princess. Point 4 Line of the first born mixed with the Davidic family my natural father's father Kenneth Sheldon is the son of Forrest Shelton whose Father came from Nottingham called Clyde Shelton. It is my understanding that there was a fake adoption and that he was a son of William Booth and these Gallic’s could be traced back to Stonehenge to Riphath father of Wales son of Gomer Son of Jephath all firstborns from Noah. Incidentally William booth said his wife was Jewish and he claimed Jewish decent. Point 5 line of Shelach father of Salem grandson of Shem My daughter Ruth Rebecca Dunphy of Albert. At 6 years of age spent 2 nights and 22 hours with what she said was Jesus. The dream was about Jerusalem's history, future eschatology, all the lines of our family that she met in Heaven and even the subject of Hell. Patria logy included are very interesting part that took over month to write down of the history from Noah to Abraham this explains where all the families of the earth came from after the flood as they left Salem by means of Jaffa on boats to the new world. I would like to send a copy of this uncut original script to you to share with the world royalties. It is 64 pages long just a part of her dream. Point 6 lines of nobles of England and France My adopted mother Dolores Alice Leherrissier Guest of whom both were noble lines. Point 7 The lines of the Levites After checking with my entire natural mother and their names they are all Jewish from the Stetals of Ukraine, Warsaw and even Fuerstenfield. They are Charlotte Wilma Brecklin of the Breskins, Neubauers Palchecs and even the Fuehrer’s of Austria Adolf Fuerst who were also Levites. So Israel says I am Jewish with a problem. Point 8. The complete communication system of the Future and Davidic Jewish TRIBULATION TEMPLE I have all the Leshon Everit Hebrew of the Davidic tongue and all the prime Hebrew pacts tongues to prime Hebrew who made a pact with gentiles plus their hand sign, music and even dances given supernaturally of which I can communicate so well that Israel gave me two honors one the permission by the laying of hands by the Chief Rabbis of Tela Viv to pray in this tongue in the Temple and two, the government of Israel gave our org SCM The Shikanah Combined Ministries of Tulsa, OK. A separate organization called (ANCIENT ISREALIS of the HUMAN FAMILY) RA, ISRAEL. Point 9 The Cornerstone of the 2nd temple. Based on the instructions in Ruth’s dream we obtained a carved rock from the Wadi Joz in Jerusalem. I miraculously carried this to New Haven where the 5 chiseled well marked Stone of Joseph of Arimathia confirmed in Lebanon in the Syriac church who offered $50,000 form the stone.., Too late I gave it to fearful orthodox Jewish students who saw their Hanukah candles bend over it. The copies of the Temple treasures went to Rome. point 10 Commissioned in Heaven to be King On Sept. 13 of 1984 I would never go to serve the Lord again after Donna Mc Coulah (sons of darkness) divorced me and our baby was put up for adoption. But David Shelach Dunphy now serves in the US Army preceded by Ruth Albert & Ruwach Shikinah of Ramos (twins) and Sarah Elizabeth of Acevedo. The prophecy when he was born ( In his days the bombs will come.) even so ... that night I saw Jesus stand in from of his throne and he told me to go up on the alter. I said...” I will get burned “he said... “No you won't '' So I climbed the High Alter in Heaven and felt pure burning love. At that time I heard a voice say STEPHEN I LOVE YOU VERY, VERY VERY MUCH, FEAR NO MAN, I HAVE SET YOU ABOVE THE KINGS OF THE KINGS OF THE EARTH BUT I AM YOUR KING AND YOU MUST DO EVERYTHING I SAY. The voice sounded very paternal and I was crying with over coming love. Point 11 Sent by The church as an Independent missionary in 1982 after graduating from Rhema of Broken Arrow OK. Billy Joe Daughtery sent me as the first Missionary to Israel with the laying of hands. point 12 High level world help intelligence Director of NES the worlds highest security org of which Presidents, Senators Generals, Ambassadors and more receive incredible INFO of which the CIA would like to know the source. point 13 Maccabees chapter 5 rebuild the temple with the Songs of David in 1985 over 8,000 cassettes using flute piano voice and trumpet were sold to 5 nations of South America. Now there are over 200 high level music of the Ancient style available on digital format. By the Psalmist of the Lord as the dream said. Point 14 The 2012 Mayan revealer Born On Nov 20 1959 under a large star in the constellation of the Mayan snake handler with the ability to speak and dance Olmecca Mayan. The professor of Merida said that I said in Mayan that ... because president Bush SR. Did not receive your ministry he would not be re-elected. In about 2006 the bank leaders told President Bush JR. that he was not allowed to meet with our ministry. It is possible to make Mexico City Indigenous city of the world and translate the secrets of the Mayan calendar to English or Spanish to know what is coming on the earth. But for now I live on soc, security because of the lack of funds here in the USA lets get you guys going the peoples need you for a Banner of the Nations operation. I am sure the ME MORIAH script will be of great interest to the families of the earth. incidentally I had a dream and saw The then living sea rather than the dead sea and Lu popped up again to try to spoil The Messiahs Rule, David's rule of Israel and my rule of the Princes portion along with the expectable Kings of the earth. But I knew it would be a very short rule before the earth came to be a fire and there was a new Earth and a new a Heaven where the kings of the earth came to the New Jerusalem above. Every ruler is an image of the great ruler we must LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL OUR HEART SOUL AND ALL WE HAVE AND THEREFORE LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR AS OURSELVES. ON THESE TWO COMANDMENTS ARE ALL THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS.



A Yemenite Jew